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Chick-fil-A flap rocks another American university
The war on poultry rages on yet another public university campus – this time at the University of Nebraska – Kearney.

Core Republicans throw support to Rubio as best bet to derail Trump
Marco Rubio picked up a flurry of endorsements Monday from key Republicans in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination, as the GOP establishment appeared to coalesce behind the Florida senator as its best hope to head off Donald Trump.

Chelsea Handler: Kanye West is 'delusional,' headed for 'mental breakdown'
Chelsea Handler is not surprised by Kanye West's recent antics.The Chelsea Does star spoke exclusively with ET Canada about the rapper claiming he made Taylor Swift "famous" in song lyrics on his new album, saying that it doesn't seem like anything new for Kanye."Why is that surprising?" the comedian asked ET Canada's Sangita Patel.

Microsoft founder Gates backs FBI in encryption fight with Apple
Microsoft founder Bill Gates has broken with other Silicon Valley giants by backing the FBI in its battle with Apple over hacking into a locked iPhone as part of the investigation into last December's San Bernardino terror attack.

Biden argued against weighing Supreme Court nomination during 1992 campaign
Senate Republican leaders Monday seized on comments made by Vice President Joe Biden 24 years ago, during which the then-senator from Delaware said the Senate should not consider a Supreme Court nominee during an election year.

Older stars who date teens
What there aren't enough people in their 20s and 30s?

'The Bachelor' recap: Contestant's brother accuses Ben of brainwashing girls
Ben Higgins experienced the hometown visit from hell on Monday night's episode of "The Bachelor."

Kris Jenner booed at iHeart Radio 80's party
It’s not easy being Kris Jenner.

Stupid cruise questions revealed
Lots of experienced cruisers have heard the same “silly cruise questions” so many times that we have them memorized.  Questions like “Does the crew sleep onboard?” and “What is our elevation?”

Country singer Sonny James dies at age 87
Country singer Sonny James, who recorded romantic ballads like "Young Love" and turned pop songs into country hits, has died. He was 87.

Kaley Cuoco in a 'much better place' since split from Ryan Sweeting
Kaley Cuoco is in the midst of a divorce with her ex, Ryan Sweeting, but says she's optimistic about what 2016 has in store for her.

This city just became the first to ban single-serve coffee pods
Keurig isn’t the only brand of single-use coffee pods coming under fire in Hamburg.

Mars in three days? NASA touts new propulsion system
NASA researchers are working on new laser technology that could allow a craft to reach Mars in as little as three days. Known as photonic propulsion, the system works by using lasers to propel a giant sail.

The 2017 Victory Octane is a 'musclebike' for the masses
The muscle car formula is simple -- stick a big motor in a lightweight chassis and delete creature comforts and unnecessary accessories.

Uber admits it got complaint about Kalamazoo shooting suspect
The ridesharing service Uber acknowledged Monday that it had received at least one complaint about Kalamazoo shooting suspect Jason Dalton shortly before he began his alleged rampage that killed six people and injured 2 others Saturday.

The workout that keeps Carrie Underwood fit
You may have been too caught up in your own love-fest last weekend to notice, but one of our girl crushes—Carrie Underwood—posted a pic on IG on the big heart day talking about how she got her butt kicked at her workout of choice, Barry’s Bootcamp, noting,  “It’s always fun to mix some great classes into my workout routine.”

Teenage passenger dies after Pearl Harbor helicopter crash
A hospital says a 16-year-old passenger has died after being injured last week in a Pearl Harbor helicopter crash.

Bible undamaged after SUV bursts into flames on Tennessee highway
An SUV caught fire and exploded on a Tennessee road Sunday, causing nearly everything in the vehicle to be destroyed except a Bible left untouched in the front seat.

Obama to present plan to close Guantanamo, move detainees to US
President Obama is expected to detail his plan Tuesday to begin the shutdown of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay, in a last ditch effort to make good on a 2008 campaign promise

Airbus has designed bench seats that will accommodate air passengers of all shapes and sizes
“Re-configurable Passenger Bench Seat” comes with adjustable chairs.

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