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Man finds woman with ex-girlfriend's name for a free trip around the world
A Toronto man who made headlines last month by offering a free round-the-world air ticket to a woman with the same name as his ex-girlfriend has found Ms. Right.

Vermont's giving up on single-payer health care over ballooning costs
Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin is canceling his dream plan to create a single-payer health system in the state.

Cuba's million-dollar Mercedes-Benz
Treasure hunters, start your engines.

Larry King grills Willie Robertson on his views on homosexuality
Larry King questions Willie Robertson on his views on homosexuality.

Sony’s surrender will strengthen hackers, experts say
Sony’s shock decision to scrap the Dec. 25 release of its controversial movie “The Interview,” will strengthen hackers, experts warn, fuelling debilitating cyberattacks on other high-profile firms.

How 'Star Wars' nearly ruined Natalie Portman's career
Natalie Portman would like to remind them that Star Wars isn’t always the benefit fans might assume it to be. 

Congress Again Buys Abrams Tanks the Army Doesn't Want
The Army lost again in the annual debate with Congress on building more tanks.

'Haunting Of's' Kim Russo claims to bridge gap between worlds
Kim Russo has been called the best medium of this side of the other world.

Kellie Pickler: I'm not ready to have kids
Could Carrie Underwood be starting a country baby boom? If so,Kellie Picklerwont be participating. The Little Bit Gypsy singer isnt just waiting to have kids -- she flat out doesnt want them.

Congratulations Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, you are FOX411's Celebrity of the Year
This year, Kaley Cuoco solidified her spot on Hollywood’s A-list. 

Mark Wahlberg's former bodyguard said actor should not be pardoned for assault
Mark Wahlberg wants to be pardoned for assaults he committed in 1988, including hitting a Vietnamese man in the head with a stick and punching another. Not everyone’s sympathetic.

Photographer documents America’s forgotten rest stops and uncovers historic beauty on the road
Ryann Ford has spent five years photographing and cataloging rest stops around the country.

Ancient farmhouse found in Israel reveals agricultural secrets
An ancient farmhouse dating back to 2,800 years ago complete with 23 rooms, winepresses and a grain silo is no longer lost to the ages.

America's greatest rest stops
Photographer Ryann Ford cataloged a by-gone era of Americana with her latest project "The Last Stop" -- a collection of of highway rest stops.

99-year-old woman delivering cookies robbed by teen, Conn. police say
Police in Connecticut have arrested 17-year-old who they say robbed a 99-year-old woman of her purse while she was delivering cookies to a local community center.

2015 Ford F-150 gets Hennessey's VelociRaptor treatment
Raptor, while you wait.

Congressional critics ready to block Obama push to normalize Cuban relations
The historic plan announced by President Obama on Wednesday to normalize relations with Cuba was met with heavy bipartisan resistance on Capitol Hill, raising questions of whether Congress will even consider easing a more than 50-year trade embargo against the communist state -- let alone end it.

Jeff Sessions teaches a lesson in patriotic grace
In deferring to colleague, Alabama Senator defies Darwinian politics, shows the first question for an adult is not “Can I?” but rather “Should I?”

Priest installs cell phone jammer in church for silent sermons
For anyone gearing up to deliver a speech to an audience, there’s always a chance they’re going to be rudely interrupted by someone’s mobile device going off.

Texas plumber's old truck resurfaces in Syria, mounted with terrorists' guns
A Texas plumber has been receiving threats after a photo emerged of Islamic extremists in Syria firing a high-powered gun off the back of a black pickup truck with his company's decals on the side door.

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