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Man finds woman with ex-girlfriend's name for a free trip around the world
A Toronto man who made headlines last month by offering a free round-the-world air ticket to a woman with the same name as his ex-girlfriend has found Ms. Right.

Police seek gunman after Central Texas TV meteorologist shot
Authorities were searching for a gunman after a TV meteorologist was shot multiple times during an altercation Wednesday in a Central Texas TV station's parking lot.

'Millionaire Hot Seat' contestant fails on first question

McDonald’s reveals menu items on the chopping block
The chain recently announced it would be cutting several menu items.

Mark Wahlberg's former bodyguard said actor should not be pardoned for assault
Mark Wahlberg wants to be pardoned for assaults he committed in 1988, including hitting a Vietnamese man in the head with a stick and punching another. Not everyone’s sympathetic.

Missouri school punished blind child by replacing cane with pool toy
An 8-year-old Kansas City boy who was born without eyes was given a pool noodle to hold instead of his cane for punishment for hitting a fellow student on a bus with his walking stick, Fox4KC.com reported.

Texas plumber's old truck resurfaces in Syria, mounted with terrorists' guns
A Texas plumber has been receiving threats after a photo emerged of Islamic extremists in Syria firing a high-powered gun off the back of a black pickup truck with his company's decals on the side door.

Cuba's million-dollar Mercedes-Benz
Treasure hunters, start your engines.

Randy Quaid, wife suing State Department over revocation of passports
Actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evgenia are suing John Kerry and the State Department to recover passports that the government revoked three years ago.

One ISIS thug suspected of killing 150 girls, women
One Islamic State militant is alone responsible for killing 150 women, including pregnant women and young teenagers, because they refused to marry members of the barbaric militant army, according to Iraqi officials.

Eric Church's Grammy-nominated album 'The Outsiders' goes Platinum
Eric Church's Grammy-nominated 'The Outsiders' album has gone Platinum for one million in sales. It's an accomplishment very few artists can claim in 2014. In fact, only two country artists released albums this year andhit the one million mark.

Taylor Swift had to fight label to keep country music off of new album 1989
Taylor Swift has once again been named Billboard's Woman of the Year, but she admits it was a hard road to get there.

Expert: '90 percent' sure North Korea behind cyberattack on Sony
Leading North Korea expert Andrei Lankov tells Fox News he is “90 percent sure” Pyongyang was behind the hacking attack on Sony for its production of “The Interview.”

Congress stands little chance of stopping Cuba policy
Opponents of President Obama's sudden move to re-establish ties with Cuba have little chance of scuttling his effort in Congress.

Country music stars' better halves
These singers may be stars on stage, but off, their spouses shine.

How many calories do you have to burn to lose 1 pound?
Years ago, scientists played around with a pound of squishy, slimy human fat and found that it contained 3,500 calories of energy.

Does Hollywood try to have it both ways regarding torture?
From "Homeland," "24" and "Hostel" to "Sons of Anarchy," "Zero Dark Thirty," "Django Unchained" and "The Deer Hunter," Hollywood has long used intense torture scenes as a means of entertainment.

TV host dies after skipping chemo to save her unborn baby
An up-and-coming TV host in Zhengzhou, China, always gave as much time as she could to her job, often working 14-hour days without complaint, a co-worker says.

'The Interview': Sony Corporation geniuses, what were you thinking?
The plot of Sony's new movie, “The Interview” sounds like something cooked up in a third-world fantasy factory: The CIA recruits two American journalists to assassinate North Korean madman Kim Jong-un. Hilarity ensues.

Arizona's McSally wins House race in recount, adds to GOP's historic majority
Arizona Republican Martha McSally on Wednesday was declared the winner of the final 2014 congressional race -- giving her party it largest House majority in 83 years when the new Congress convenes next month.

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