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Did woman reveal affair with hockey star on 'Jimmy Kimmel'?
Talk about a slap shot.

Biden reportedly shared details on dying son’s wish he run for president
Vice President Joe Biden reportedly was the one who during an interview shared details about his son Beau's dying wish that he take one more run at the White House, telling his father "that the country would be better off with Biden values."

Dancing with a baby! 'Dancing With The Stars' features surprise pregnancy announcement
Monday night's episode of "Dancing with the Stars" was full of tears and emotion as the celebrities paid tribute to their "most memorable year."

Dam Danger: South Carolina now facing new flood threats from swollen rivers
Emergency crews were racing Tuesday morning to stabilize several dams outside Columbia, South Carolina, in an effort to keep rising waters from rushing through the area in what is threatening to be another potential disaster on top of the state's historic flooding.

Nazis turned candy bars into a secret weapon
First, force the British to endure food shortages—then make them eat exploding candy bars.

ISIS touts baby boom as key to caliphate's future
ISIS is eyeing a different kind of explosion to expand its caliphate in the Middle East and into the future: A population boom that the black-clad jihadist army’s leaders believe will ensure the next generation of blood-soaked believers.

UK tourist fell to death while taking photo
A British tourist who fell to her death from a cliff ledge in Australia was preparing to take a photo at the time of the tragedy.

Officers rescue store owner crushed by 125-pound python
The owner of a northern Kentucky reptile store is recovering after police officers pried off a 20-foot python that was crushing the man.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ recap: Bachelor party gone bad
What does it look like when nerds throw a bachelor party? It’s not exactly “The Hangover,” though it isn’t for lack of effort.

Everything you need to know about honey
When our writer fell in love with honey, she fell in love hard—and her cooking life became all the better for it. Now, she shares how you, too, can become a honey addict.

Snowden renews offer to go to prison in order to return to US
Edward Snowden says he has offered to return to the United States and go to jail for leaking details of National Security Agency programs to intercept electronic communications data on a vast scale.

Marine found dead of gunshot wound at Camp Pendleton shooting range
A Marine was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head at Camp Pendleton in California early Monday, according to published reports.

Rose McGowan: Why I am posing nude
Rose McGowan can’t be accused of false modesty.

Workers remove Ten Commandments monument from Oklahoma Capitol grounds
Workers began removing a Ten Commandments monument from the grounds of the Oklahoma Capitol late Monday in accordance with a court order. 

Al Roker sorry for 'insensitive' storm selfie
NBC weatherman Al Roker has apologized for snapping a smiling selfie — in front of devastation caused by catastrophic weather in South Carolina.

Older stars who date teens
What there aren't enough people in their 20s and 30s?

Former UN president reportedly accepted more than $500,000 in bribes
Former United Nations General Assembly President John Ashe accepted more than $500,000 in bribes from a Chinese real estate mogul and other businesspeople in exchange for help obtaining lucrative investments and government contracts, according to federal court documents unsealed Tuesday.

McDonald's all-day breakfast is here
It’s finally here.

Police: Boy, 11, accidentally shoots and kills, brother, 12
Authorities say an 11-year-old boy fatally shot his 12-year-old brother during a target-shooting outing in eastern Ohio.

14 mistakes you're making with your teeth

Taking care of your pearly whites isn't rocket science, but it's easy to slip into habits that could cause heartache—er, toothache—in the long run. 

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