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Fox Socks Frequently asked questions

Can I fill a stocking that I purchase from the store, or do I have to use a stocking from a partner location?
You can fill a stocking that you purchase from the store while you are out shopping, or pick up a stocking from our partner locations.

When is the deadline to donate or drop off my filled stockings?
The deadline to donate or drop off your filled stocking is December 5th. If you have stockings to return AFTER December 9th, please return them to the Salvation Army Christmas Center at 6807 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond, VA 23225.

The Distribution Center is open through Friday, December 19th.

What if I have more than I need to fill the stocking?
If you have purchased more than you need, pick-up another stocking when you go to drop off your others and fill it there. If you do not have enough left to fill a stocking, you may simply drop off the extras with the stocking. These items can be used later to fill more stockings.

What ages have the most need?
All ages listed under suggested items need help. However, there are usually less stockings filled for the older age groups.

Where do I drop off my stocking?
You can drop off your stockings at any of our Pick-Up/Drop-Off locations listed on this site.

How much or how little should I put in my stocking?
Each filled stocking is valued at approximately $15.00 to $20.00. Use this range as your guide. However, you are not obligated to provide gifts within this range You can be as generous or as thrifty as you want or need to be.

What do I do with empty stockings that were not filled?
Please return any empty stockings that did not get filled. This action will help offset the cost to The Salvation Army next year.

What if my gift won't fit in a stocking?
FOX Holiday Socks is only one of the many programs executed by the Richmond-area Salvation Army. Large and odd shaped toy donations are welcomed. You can drop them off at all of our partner Pick-Up/Drop-Off locations listed on this site. These items will also be distributed to needy families in our area.

Can I donate used toys and items to this program?
The Salvation Army distributes new toys and gift items during its holiday programs. However, they have many other year-round programs that benefit from used items. Contact The Salvation Army today or visit http://virginiasalvationarmy.org/richmondva/ to find out more about these other worthwhile programs.

Can my presents be wrapped?
No, due to fundraiser safety regulations all toy, clothing and gift donations must be unwrapped.

Do I have to put a topper on my stocking?
Yes, the information provided on the topper (intended age and sex of the recipient) is crucial to The Salvation Army. The topper also keeps the toys in the stocking so that nothing is lost.

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